A prominent laser hair-removal company operating over 200 locations sought to enhance its facilities maintenance processes to improve communication, project completion, and customer satisfaction. Dissatisfied with their current centralized service provider, the company turned to SMS Assist for help streamlining its facilities maintenance operations. Over a 1-year period, SMS Assist collaborated closely with the spa to provide comprehensive solutions that transformed its facilities maintenance operations, leading to a 100% portal adoption rate and a scalable solution.


Growth and maintenance expansion

As a high-end establishment, the spa required meticulous attention to detail, particularly in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of its treatment and consultation rooms. Any damage or issues needed to be addressed promptly and in a visually pleasing manner. However, with the company's rapid growth, the beauty spa faced challenges in scaling its facilities maintenance operations and maintaining consistent standards across all locations.

Inadequate service

The beauty spa was dissatisfied with the service provided by its centralized facilities maintenance company. The spa encountered difficulties with effective communication and timely completion of projects, which negatively impacted its operations and customer experience. The lack of responsiveness and subpar project completion led the spa to seek alternative solutions.


Scalable technology and contractor network

To accommodate the spa's growth, we leveraged our technological infrastructure and established contracts with reliable affiliates. The robust technology system facilitates seamless interaction between the beauty spa, SMS Assist’s operations team, and affiliated service providers. This system ensured efficient request submission, real-time updates, and weekly status reports, which enhanced the transparency and accountability throughout the process. This also provided a scalable solution for future expansion.

Aesthetic focus and technical expertise

SMS Assist understood the high value placed on the beauty spa’s specific aesthetic requirements and ensured that any repairs or maintenance work adhered to their high standards. Understanding these operational constraints, we implemented a customized scheduling system to work around their treatment and consultation room schedules. This minimized disruptions to customer service while ensuring timely completion of maintenance and upgrade projects.


By successfully streamlining its facilities maintenance operations, we were able to address the challenges faced by the beauty spa. Through improved communication, tailored scheduling, aesthetic focus, and scalable solutions, we provided a comprehensive framework that enhanced job completion, customer satisfaction, and overall efficiency. The spa experienced streamlined processes, centralized information access, and a partner who understood and met their specific needs, contributing to their continued growth and success.

  • Enhanced communication and job completion: Through the implementation of SMS Assist’s technology system, the spa achieved 100% portal adoption, enabling streamlined communication and efficient job completion. Real-time updates and clear communication improved overall satisfaction and reduced delays.
  • Improved customer experience: By working around the spa's treatment and consultation room schedules, we minimized disruptions and maintained a positive customer experience. Attention to aesthetic details ensured that repairs seamlessly blended with the upscale environment, contributing to an enhanced overall customer experience.
  • Centralized information access: The spa gained a centralized platform to access all necessary information, eliminating the need to engage multiple service providers. This streamlined approach saved time and improved overall efficiency.

A well-functioning maintenance strategy is essential to the success of any modern-day facilities portfolio. To make sure your facilities maintenance strategy is meeting your needs, request a demo to learn more about how our programs can help you.

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