Secure brand value and customer loyalty.

Deliver facilities control and expertise to your stores

Get qualified providers and faster fixes

Lessen sends the most qualified providers in the shortest possible time frame. When the first fix is the right one, you benefit from improved service levels and long-term savings. Most importantly, you can return to serving the next customer with confidence.

Leverage actionable insights

Every Lessen work order translates to hundreds of individual data points we analyze to continuously improve performance across your portfolio. Get actionable insights and intelligent analytics you can use to cut costs, improve first-time fix rates, and grow your business.

Maintain brand experience at every store

Consistent brand experience is crucial to earning customer trust, and it begins with great facilities. When customers know what they can expect from each of your locations, they’re more likely to dedicate more business to you and to refer your business to others.

Rely on our expert support network

Connect with our in-house operations support teams, trade specialists, and other industry experts keeping you and your retail locations covered around the clock, year-round.

Let’s work together to take a strategic approach to your retail maintenance program.

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