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Simplify and scale property services through fully-outsourced real estate property maintenance, renovations, and turns across your entire real estate portfolio. Regardless of property type or location, we’ll help you maximize resident satisfaction while lowering costs.

  • Property owners
  • Property managers
  • Service providers
  • Warranty providers
  • Home builders
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Lessen eases the burden, the uncertainty, and the risk associated with managing distributed real estate portfolios of multifamily properties. Simplify and scale through fully-outsourced real estate property maintenance services, and management of renovations, make-readys, and other capital projects across your entire multifamily portfolio.

  • Property owners
  • Property managers
  • Service providers
  • Warranty providers
  • Home builders

Our real estate property maintenance services

We offer fully managed and on-demand services across repair & maintenance, turns, and renovations. Whether you're a seasoned landlord or a first-time property investor, discover property insights on our Blog! From market trends to management advice, we cover it all. Ready to enhance your property knowledge?

Repairs & maintenance

Get ahead of repairs before they get ahold of you. Our people, processes, and technology deliver a complete solution designed to improve resident experience and satisfaction, improve the speed and quality of home repairs at the right price in every market, and protect the value of your portfolio investments.


Turn over your turns to us. We make the process of welcoming your next resident fast, simple, and seamless. Our turnkey solution delivers the vendors, technology, and oversight you need to ensure quality turns while controlling costs and improving occupancy rates across your portfolio.


Leave your renovations to us. Beyond maintenance and repair, Lessen is also a real estate property renovation company. We make the process of getting your homes rent-ready faster, simpler, better. Powered by technology and perfected by people, we make it possible for you to scale your portfolio with greater consistency, efficiency, and control—ensuring your homes are renovated to your standards, on your schedule and budget.

It all adds up to:

  • Improved quality
  • Lowered costs, faster
  • Scalable across entire portfolio
  • Improved project management
  • Better resident experience
  • Better cost coverage

Leading businesses and investors trust their portfolios with Lessen

Platform & technology

One by Lessen™

Explore the platform

The single source of truth for property managers. Manage work orders, connect with thousands of vendors, streamline processes, and control costs.

Our resident mobile app for submitting and tracking work order requests.

For Lessen Affiliates, One Onsite™ helps technicians improve communications and execute work accurately, on time, and with full accountability.

At Lessen we’re on a mission to help:

Portfolio owners/investors

Easily scale real estate services as they grow

Empowered to scale business and property portfolios according to standards and budget.

Reduce resident downtime and resident dissatisfaction

Faster speed to rent-ready status for property renovations and turns, plus quicker repair and maintenance resolution.

Get ahead of repairs and maintenance issues

Improve home delivery quality for renos and turns, better first-time fix rates.

Control costs and save money

Reduce vacancy rates, accelerate reinvestment cycles, and improve capital deployment.

Facilities/property managers

Increase efficiency and protect the bottom line

Empowered to manage a distributed portfolio with greater efficiency, quality, and cost controls.

Achieve frictionless operations

Reduce operational friction and fewer delays for job completion across renovations, turns, and repair and maintenance.

Increase quality on every job

Increased work order transparency, controls, and project management ensure consistency in every market.

Minimize costs and overhead

Limit overhead and delays on projects, minimize total cost to maintain your portfolio.


Eliminate service headaches

Greater overall confidence and satisfaction in owner/property manager.

Get help when they need it

Enjoy hassle-free repairs and maintenance.

Enjoy hassle-free repairs and maintenance

Fixes done right with fewer interruptions.

Rent without sacrifice

Lower cost to live in high-quality home with the flexibility renting provides.

Revolutionizing the facilities maintenance industry with a nationwide tech-enabled solution

The best people in the industry

Empowering your facilities maintenance strategies with the right resources.

How this helps you:

  • Access a nationwide network of vendors for unparalleled support
  • Count on our round-the-clock call center for rapid assistance
  • Leverage expert subject-matter specialists (SMEs) to address your unique needs
  • Access top-tier resources for your facilities

The best platform in the industry

An empowering tech platform alongside a comprehensive suite of mobile apps.

How this helps you:

  • Streamline efficiencies
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Increase first-time fix rate
  • Gain location visibility

The best process in the industry

Dedicated resources to drive operational efficiency.

How this helps you:

  • Account governance
  • Business analytics
  • Operational strategies & insights
  • Brand standards
Lessen Platform

One by Lessen™

Explore the platform

Optimize your workflow

Streamline your property services processes with smart technology

Increase buying power and back-office support

Save time, resources, and money on materials and people

Manage your work orders in one place

Centralized work order management and project coordination

Control costs on property maintenance activities

Reduce unexpected spend and emergency maintenance projects

Gain transparency into portfolio expenses

Consolidated and simplified billing, invoicing, and payment protections

Keep track of project schedules and timelines

Benefit from actionable insights and reporting all in one place

End-to-end work order lifecycle management

Access project status at every point from start to quality control (QC) to completion

Get help when you need it, quickly

Request support on new projects including preventative and emergency maintenance

While our focus is on you, our reach is extensive

Little Rock
Colorado Springs
Fort Myers
Kansas City
St. Louis
Las Vegas
Oklahoma City
San Antonio

Property types

Single Family
New builds
Mobile homes
Bank-owned properties
Manufactured homes
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