ESG Focus™

Powered by Allovance

ESG Focus is a software solution that helps corporate real estate professionals make informed decisions about their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs. ESG Focus is uniquely designed to help plan, identify, and implement impactful initiatives, and share the results.

ESG Focus was developed in collaboration with Allovance, the recognized leader in decision-making software, to specifically focus on identifying initiatives, planning, implementation, and reporting results. Whether you are looking to understand the best ESG plan for success, to identify ESG goals and opportunities, or to measure and report ESG performance, Blue Skyre provides both the technology, and the support of our team, providing guidance on every step of your ESG journey.

Synergy Park Hub™

Predictive analytics and digital performance monitoring

Scaling and optimizing how facility maintenance is done requires new levels of visibility into how assets perform and how that performance impacts business. Profitability goes up not only by lowering costs through efficiency, but by finding entirely new ways to avoid asset downtime. Synergy Park Hub integrates your data and technologies to view performance, deliver predictive insights, and provide actionable insights for remediation. It integrates multiple suppliers under a single performance management platform, and helps you achieve operational and service consistency across your portfolio of sites and vendors.

CRE PaaSPort™

Our facilities operating platform as a service (PaaS)

Through use of CRE PaaSPortTM you gain access to solutions for resources, processes and technology which guide you on your journey to operational execution and excellence.CRE PaaSPortTM fills the gaps for Facility Management teams that need specific expertise, better operating and financial information, automated processes, and integrated technology. Often it may not be feasible for teams to assemble these ad hoc due to their infrastructure, but BSI is here to offer the necessary technology as well as associated strategic advisory, management and consultation services.

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