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Healthcare Provider Maintenance

Simplify maintenance and enrich brand value.

Deliver facilities expertise and control to your locations

Secure patient comfort and safety

Great facilities make it possible for you to serve patients in a comfortable and safe environment. Clean floors, pleasant lighting, and well-maintained restrooms go a long way toward helping your patients feel attended to.

Simplify your maintenance management

One by Lessen™ manages complex maintenance processes so you don’t have to. Our technology provides a central source for managing work order creation, provider dispatch, troubleshooting, reporting and analytics, and more.

Maintain brand consistency across locations

Location downtime and persistent maintenance issues pose risks to patient health and satisfaction. A smart facilities management program will ensure that problems are addressed long before they present disruptions.

Areas of expertise

  • Urgent care
  • Vision centers
  • Dermatologists
  • Gyms
  • Spas
  • In-store clinics

Let’s work together to take a strategic approach to your health care maintenance program.

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