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Grow your business

Our diverse property portfolio opens you up to new customer segments and revenue streams to deliver more business growth.

Streamline processes

Advanced tools help you streamline operations, simplify scheduling, and automate repetitive tasks. Forget about return trips and work validation costs. Less time behind the wheel gives you more time to get work done.

Lower operating costs

With lower back-office costs and improved productivity you will improve your profitability.

Leverage leading technology

Our award-winning technology allows you to benefit from continuous improvements to our platform, ensuring access to state-of-the-art tools, features, and mobile apps.

Get paid fast

Receive payments consistently, transparently, and predictably. On average, we pay 30 days after batch invoice.

Improve working capital

Integrated invoicing, 24/7 support, and business intelligence tools facilitate better cash flow and valuable insights for team management and business growth.

Dedicated support

Our field support teams and success specialists help you troubleshoot issues, handle change orders, and navigate client requests.

Access best practices

Draw on the combined knowledge of more than 30,000 trusted providers.

Access the Lessen Advantage Marketplace

Unlock lower prices, one-stop procurement, and less paperwork!

As a Lessen Affiliate, you will enjoy greater access to a wide range of products and services through the Lessen Advantage Marketplace. The Marketplace includes access to thousands of products through One Source™, our procurement platform, where you can take advantage of an average 18% savings on materials. The Marketplace also provides you with easy access to best-in-class services and preferred rates on insurance, bank financing, and more, with simplified applications and reporting to save time.


One Source saves you time and money on retail prices, store trips, paying vendors, credit applications...

Tax Credits

Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC), is a federal program created to help small and medium sized...


Insureon offers home insurance and proactive protection from coast to coast.


Get a low rate starting from 3.99%*
Depending on qualifications and credit worthy rating.

Don’t take our word for it

What are you waiting for?

Accelerate your business

Our top Affiliates achieve a 50% increase in work order assignments year over year.

  • Increase competitive wins within your current footprint
  • Expand into new services and markets

Grow with zero customer acquisition costs

Others provide “opportunities.” We provide actual business.

  • Service businesses often spend 3-5% of sales on marketing
  • Lessen provides not just opportunities for marketing, but actual, ready-to-go business

Gain access to thousands of large, distributed, commercial and residential properties

  • Build relationships with accounts that matter
  • Increase your brand reputation

The work we send to you fits your needs

Our Affiliates accept 90% of the new business work-orders we send to them.

  • Eliminate wasted time qualifying new opportunities
  • Match your new business to your growth plans

We’re looking for experts in these fields

Appliance Repair
Floor Care
General Contractors
General Maintenance / Handyman
HVAC / Refrigeration
Pest Control
Parking Lot
Renovation Services
Roofing Services
Snow Removal
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