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Strong culture is our secret sauce

Having a well-defined culture is a key ingredient in successful companies. Our values create a shared approach to "how" we work at Lessen. They help us solve our most challenging problems and define what success looks like at every level. Our culture aims to create an environment of collaboration, inclusivity and opportunity.

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We are willing to tackle tough problems and take accountability for results. When we make mistakes, we own up to them and are self-critical. We follow through on our commitments and drive efforts to completion.

Empower each other

We cooperate with our teammates to help them achieve their goals. We appreciate each other’s unique, authentic perspectives and treat each other with respect. When in doubt, we assume best intent and carry an abundance mindset.

Shine a light

We openly and proactively share information with others. When there is an issue or concern, we do not let it fester, we address it head on and immediately. We aim to learn, grow and get better every day.

Think big, start small

We are ambitious and think big about where we want to go. We look for innovative and elegant solutions to tough problems. We then take action and start small toward achieving our vision.

Strong opinions, loosely held

We develop informed opinions and respectfully challenge each other to shape plans and ideas to their best possible version. We are open to modifying our opinion through consideration of other points of view. Once a decision is made, we commit to it wholly, even it if is not what we were advocating.

Deliver results

We go the extra mile to solve challenges and achieve impactful results for our service pros, customers and other team members. We set a high bar for success and expect to clear it. We know that activity alone is not enough if it does not translate to meaningful results or learnings.