What makes Lessen different?

Proven, world-class technology

One by Lessen™ manages your work orders, streamlines processes and controls costs across all your maintenance activities.

  • Nearly $200M invested into technology development
  • One Onsite™: a technician app to help execute work accurately, on time and with full accountability
  • One Insight™: giving property owners an ability to track location portfolios, work orders, assets, and projects.
  • One Maintenance™: allowing residential occupants to easily submit work-order requests

Large national scale

One nationwide solution that simplifies maintenance across all properties and assets, with vetted, high-quality vendors.

  • Serving over 100 MSAs in the U.S.
  • 280K+ properties
  • 30K+ qualified vendor affiliates
  • 3M+ work orders completed annually

Proven expertise

  • Dedicated nationwide account management
  • 100% US-based call center staff
  • 4.7/5 customer satisfaction

Reduced operating costs

Increased efficiency through automation, fewer problems, and increased buying power.

  • 0-50% increase in work orders per technician daily
  • A national supply chain that Increases purchasing power
  • Advanced, actionable, data driven insights
  • 20% work order avoidance from automation

Increased occupant satisfaction

  • Faster turns and renovations that produce higher occupancy rates
  • Increased retention that results from happier occupants/residents
  • Positively create positive brand perception

What’s stopping you from getting started?

Property owners

“We already have a property manager.”

That’s great! We can work directly with your property manager to ensure that you have access to industry-leading service solutions, best-in-class technology, and a nation-wide vendor community that drives resident/occupant satisfaction.

“Won’t it cost more?”

No it won’t! In fact, we will reduce your total cost of program ownership.

“We have a property maintenance or property management software solution in place now.”

Lessen’s property maintenance technology integrates directly with property management, property maintenance, financial and billing systems that you may already have in place.

Facilities/property managers

“We have property maintenance processes in place.”

Lessen can provide best in class maintenance solutions with analytics and reporting that supports your portfolio as you scale.

“We already have in-house techs and vendors that handle maintenance.”

We can manage your in-house technicians and your vendors with our technology. Plus, our ecosystem of over 30,000 vendors brings over 175,000 vetted technicians to you as an extension of your team, making sourcing issues non existent.

“We have a software solution in place already.”

Lessen’s property maintenance technology integrates directly with your current property management or maintenance software solutions while offering all the benefits of the Lessen project management, repair and maintenance, and preventive maintenance expertise.


“Working with third parties will result in delayed payment.”

Our average payment time is 30 days from an approved invoice.

“The added layers of communications could create delays”

Our technology, including our mobile apps and desktop dashboards, will actually speed up communications. Our call center support is 24/7/365, and includes a 100% U.S. based staff.

“We’ve already invested in technology. We don’t want to duplicate efforts.”

You can continue to use your current systems while taking advantage of our technology. One by Lessen™ can help you avoid the need for costly sales and marketing programs otherwise required to drive new business. Our APIs make integration a snap.

What’s next?

Your first steps with Lessen:

  1. Schedule an exploratory consultation with one of our expert staff
  2. Schedule a demo and deep dive review
  3. Collaborate together to create the perfect solution
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