Strategic Advisory Services

Reimagine your operating model to accelerate growth.

Accelerate growth by aligning your near and long-term objectives with your operations, organization structure, enabling technologies, systems, and financial resources. Blue Skyre will help you to define an advantaged target operating model that ties it all together—with everyone rowing in the same direction.

Our approach

We think like operators—not consultants

Our team brings decades of hands-on operating experience in commercial and residential property management. As part of Lessen, we have helped manage over 250,000 facilities nationwide. Our approach depends on the specific objectives of each engagement, but our process often includes a combination of internal assessments, external research, stakeholder facilitation, and reporting:

  • Analyzing the market and industry environment
  • Defining and aligning around company culture, core values, and ESG commitments
  • Creating buy-in around a common vision and mission
  • Driving insights through stakeholder feedback and SWOT reviews
  • Performing GAP analyses
  • Developing a strategic plan
  • Operationalizing with key milestones, roadmaps, and timelines
  • Overseeing implementation
  • Orchestrating governance and compliance, andAchieving desired outcomes and KPIs

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

Promoting responsible and sustainable practices that reduce the environmental impact of operations.

Whether you want to understand the best ESG plan for success, identify specific ESG goals and opportunities, or measure and report ESG performance, Blue Skyre provides expertise and guidance on every step of your ESG journey.

Our approach

Blue Skyre will help you to challenge long-held industry assumptions and outdated delivery models. Our process leverages a variety of proprietary technologies that will help you establish relevant analytics and make more informed decisions about your ESG initiatives. We will also create systems to let you prioritize, monitor the results of your ESG initiatives, and align them with your business objectives. We hold ourselves accountable for your success by focusing on real, measurable outcomes that create a competitive advantage and enterprise value.

Digital FM Transformation

Engage with your market more effectively, modernize operations, and dramatically improve efficiency by leveraging digital technology applied to facilities maintenance.

Blue Skyre solutions optimize resources, processes, and technology and help you define a modern and operationally efficient way to manage distributed real estate facilities. Our Digital FM Transformation approach fills the gap for Facility Management teams who need specific expertise, better operating and financial information, automated processes, and integrated technology.

Our approach

Many facility management organizations find it challenging to service properties day to day when they lack visibility and facts about how their facilities are operating. They lack real-time information that will support rapid decision-making and allow their assets to be serviced predictably, and efficiently - before a failure occurs and the customer experience is impacted. Blue Skyre can help you develop and execute a strategy that leverages real-time measurement technologies and processes to dramatically improve how your operations are managed day to day. We help with everything from assessment, scoping, project management, implementation, onboarding, monitoring key performance indicators, and measuring the impact on your business.

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