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Technology platform

Access to web portal and intuitive mobile apps for occupants/residents and vendors

Operations support

Instant access to our network of 30,000+ vetted Lessen Affiliates

Vendors and vendor management

End-to-end work order lifecycle management with total visibility

Work order management

End-to-end visibility of your workorders, from creation through dispatch, scheduling, and completion

Insights and analytics

Full-scale actionable insights and reporting with business analyst reviews

Billing and invoicing

Everything you need in software and service to turn world-class facilities

Flexible integration via APIs

Easily integrate with other prop-tech, billing and invoicing systems

Problems solved

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Helping a large property owners to streamline vendor operations efficiently

An owner of 30,000 homes eliminated the overhead and complexity of finding and managing vendors.

Problems we solved:

  • Accessing and scheduling skilled and vetted tradespersons from Lessen’s network of over 30,000 vendors from a single portal
  • Managing services 24/7/365 from anywhere using One Insight™, our mobile app
  • Improving communications with vendor mobile apps and sharing real-time text and photos
  • Optimizing workflows and to dramatically increasing daily work order productivity by close to 100%.
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A large owner of multifamily units gave residents more control over their service experience

Lessen’s mobile app for residents, One Maintenance™, made it easy for residents to schedule the right services, with the right preparation, at the right time.

Problems we solved:

  • Helping residents and vendors to set and coordinate services
  • Allowing residents to share photos to help with diagnoses
  • Communicating details about work orders correctly so that orders were processed on the first call
For vendors, Lessen provides technology that builds their business while servicing customers more effectively.

Lessen’s app for Vendors, One Onsite™, makes vendor’s lives easier and more productive, by providing a single place to go to manage service operations.

Problems we solved:

  • Receiving and approving new business and new work orders
  • Communicating with owners to align on project scoping
  • Setting up automatic service plans based on key events
  • Managing approvals and change orders
  • Procuring materials at lower cost by leveraging Lessen’s buying power
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