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Maintenance and repair of household pipes and fixtures.
Specialized installation and repair of electrical systems.
Maintaince and repair of household roofs.
Finishing surfaces after repairs and between renters.
Sanitizing and refreshing interiors between renters.
General Contractors
Skilled repair and maintenance across service categories.

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  • Fast payments
  • Project and change order management
  • Centralized communication
  • Quality control tools
  • Availability and schedule management

Let Your Work Do the Talking.

Spend more time delivering your services and less time selling them. Working within the Lessen network is more transparent, more timely, and more efficient.

The Lessen platform offers constant job flow, fast payments for completed work, detailed job specifications, and easy-to-use scheduling.

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My jobs that come through the Lessen platform are by far the best and easiest to manage compared to other sources. I also love having the materials all ready for me and getting paid quickly for the amount agreed to.
– Lessen Vendor
Maintenance Technician