Vice President of Business Development Sean Hartnett was recently featured in Retail & Restaurant Facility Business magazine. His article, Transparent Data Strategy, dives into the importance of using FM data and transparency to drive results like improved customer experience and bottom line.The article starts with questions that facility managers may find difficult to answer if they have limited access to operational data such as:Do we have an effective FM program?What is the liability risk exposure with our current subcontractors?How do we predict future maintenance costs and demand?Hartnett goes on to explain that access to comprehensive operational data does not just play a role in determining the effectiveness of your current FM plan. It can also help contribute to the overall customer experience.In the article, Hartnett explains, “Within any given business, every department has the same goal of creating the best possible customer experience. However, each department has its own way of achieving this goal, which can lead to miscommunication and disagreement between departments and creates more confusion.”Hartnett continues, “Without doing our own part to be transparent, facility management departments remain an afterthought for the C-suite, which can be costly; especially because customers decide to shop at a store based on several factors, each affected by several departments—especially FM.”You can read the entire article here from the April 2017 issue of Retail & Restaurant Facility Business.

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