Our VP of Business Development and Sales Engagement, Sean Hartnett, was featured in Retail & Restaurant Facility Business magazine for the second time this year. In his most recent article, Weathering the Storm, Hartnett shares how optimizing your company’s snow removal/ business continuity plan can protect your facilities operations from unpredictable weather conditions during the snow and ice season.Because snow and ice are uncontrollable acts of nature, there are plenty of associated risks. Hartnett shares different ways business owners can avoid lost revenue, increased liabilities, facility managers’ stress and more.In the article, Hartnett gives five suggestions for business owners to consider as the winter season approaches. With each point, Hartnett provides thought provoking questions and examples that allow business owners to contemplate their past snow and ice removal plans in a different way. Keep reading for a quick overview:

1. Let your data drive your decisions

By letting your data become your decision driver, you can make better decisions for your company. For example, companies that track extensive data and use smart technology can easily answer questions such as, “Which locations accounted for the most significant portion of your snow removal costs last year?” and, “Do you usually buy a seasonal contract at a guaranteed rate versus pay per occurrence?”

2. Plan now, benefit later

Detail oriented planning is critical when preparing your business for the snow season and seasonal issues. Hartnett explains that no detail is too small when thinking towards the future.

3. Manage all risks

Slip-and-fall incidents account for 35 percent of workplace incidents and can cost a business more than 11 billion dollars a year. Hartnett encourages business owners to take action to avoid the risks associated with slip-and-fall accidents.

4. Analyze all liabilities

By placing a value on your liabilities, like your facilities’ parking spots and entryways, you can create a snow removal/ business continuity plan that accounts for every aspect of your business.

5. Review delivery methodology

Tracking your delivery of service is another important feature of data. Stay aware of completed maintenance so you can guarantee services, get your money’s worth and budget for the future.

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