Restore power and safety to keep operations running

During Hurricane Ian, one of the most destructive storms to hit the southeastern United States, several properties of an industrial real estate company experienced heavy damage, loss of power, and hazardous debris on its properties.

As a provider of industrial real estate for mission-critical operations, they company's customers rely on their locations to stay up and running. With locations in Sarasota, Tampa, and the Carolinas, they provide space for last-mile distribution for a variety of industries that rely on climate-controlled and safe environments for distribution. Any disruptions could add more costs to customers already disrupted by the storm.  


Coordinating and preparing before the storm

As the storm moved closer to landfall, the SMS Assist team maintained constant communications with the company's operations, tracking the strength, path, and speed of the storm. SMS Assist used this information to create an action plan based on expectations. Locations continued to prepare by sandbagging, removing signage, and reinforcing windows.

Gathering information during the storm

Throughout the storm, SMS Assist kept an open line of communication with the company, monitoring wind gusts, flooding, and damage. This real-time data allowed SMS Assist to refine its action plan and place SMS Assist’s Affiliate network on standby to get the company's facilities up and running as soon as it was safe.

Support after the storm

Once the storm passed, SMS Assist’s Affiliates surveyed the damage, compiled it, and sent it back to a centralized location where SMS Assist’s operations team analyzed the data and started to assign work orders based on needs. This included any safety and security concerns, such as damaged electrical items or broken glass, or locations that needed emergency backup power. Through daily meetings, the SMS Assist team and the company continued to identify, prioritize, and finish work orders based on its needs.


Power and operations restored with minimal disruption

The continuous communication, data gathering, and strategic planning allowed the SMS Assist team to have a plan in place to be on site in a matter of hours after the storm passed. SMS Assist responded to 224 storm damage assessments and 30 storm damage supporting work orders, including:

  • Removing tree limbs and other debris from properties
  • Pumping flood waters and providing drainage support
  • Replacing broken glass and securing areas
  • Identifying electrical signs and pole lights that needed to be replaced

Thanks to the communication, coordination, and teamwork between the company, SMS Assist and its Affiliate network, locations were able to reopen and operate safely and keep customers’ operations moving.

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