Darwin to benefit from a centralized repair and maintenance platform that reduces administrative burden and delivers efficiency

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – December 20, 2023 Lessen, the premier tech-enabled, end-to-end solution for outsourced real estate property services, is pleased to announce its partnership with Darwin Homes, Inc. ("Darwin"), a leading proptech single-family residential platform and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pagaya Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: PGY) ("Pagaya").
Lessen and Darwin, both renowned for their innovative technologies, are joining forces to create a unique, tech-driven solution for single-family residential property management, signaling a pivotal shift in the real estate landscape to bring tremendous value to the market.
The core of this partnership revolves around Lessen’s centralized repair and services platform, which Darwin will integrate into its operations. Lessen’s solution can help owners overcome skilled labor shortages, an ongoing challenge for property managers, while simultaneously reducing administrative burden, providing efficiency and real-time project updates.
“Darwin's value proposition lies in leveraging innovative technology for property management services. Lessen perfectly complements this vision, offering a single, unified platform that brings convenience, consistency and predictability to the entire workflow,” said Jay McKee, Lessen founder and CEO.
By gaining access to Lessen technology, Darwin can automate tasks associated with property management, such as the dispatch of a service professional or intake of a work order, into one consistent workflow to streamline repair and maintenance services and create unprecedented efficiencies. Delegating the responsibility of traditional property management tasks to Lessen’s trusted, scalable platform will allow Darwin to focus on further expanding its residential portfolio.
“Darwin’s commitment to revolutionizing the rental experience through advanced technology aligns seamlessly with Lessen’s mission to disrupt and modernize the property management industry. Together, we aim to optimize day-to-day services, automate tedious processes and enhance communication for property investors and tenants,” said Ryan Broderick, CEO of Darwin Homes, Inc.
By initially anchoring their relationship in repair and maintenance services, Lessen has built trust with Darwin, setting the stage for introducing additional services such as property turnovers and renovations, all under the unified Lessen platform.
About Lessen
Lessen is the world class, tech-enabled, end-to-end property service provider transforming how commercial and residential real estate services are delivered and managed at scale. Our technology platform provides data-driven insights that unlock key growth opportunities for the entire real estate ecosystem—including investors, owners, managers, and service providers. Lessen enables local field managers to deploy and oversee a network of vetted, qualified vendors acting as one unit across distributed property portfolios—serving a national footprint of more than 250,000 properties and completing more than 2.5 million work orders annually across an expanding range of services. Lessen, Inc. is a venture-backed, privately held company with offices in Scottsdale and Chicago. To learn more, visit Lessen.com.
About Darwin
Darwin is a vertically integrated real estate investment management platform with a comprehensive, tech-enabled solution for acquiring, renovating, and managing single-family rental properties. By combining proprietary software and integrated operations, Darwin has developed an ecosystem of technology products and services that maximize risk-adjusted returns and allow the company to provide a high-quality living experience to Americans seeking their next home.

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