Successful companies understand that branding is more than just logos, colors, and graphics. It extends to customer service, store experience, and maybe most importantly—cleanliness and appearance. Customers will notice a branding element, but they will remember the state of a store. And this extends beyond the front door to the exterior of the building and to the grounds and parking lot. With the rise of click-and-pick shopping, proper landscaping design and maintenance will be critical to brand value and customer satisfaction.

Landscaping makes a positive first impression

Potential clients' and customers' first impression of your business can have a large influence on whether or not they decide to use your services or buy your products. This includes the state and type of landscaping used at your locations. Done well, landscaping creates and maintains certain elements that reinforce your brand. It can hide utility areas or provide a scenescape for the entrance. It can create a gathering spot for dining or communicate safety for picking up goods. Attractive grounds around your building tells customers a lot about what to expect from your company and can positively influence your overall image. To successfully implement this strategy, look to landscaping services that encompass far more than just lawn mowing.

Landscaping communicates your brand

When you’ve devoted time and resources to creating a landscape that communicates your unique brand and mission, you want to ensure that investment stays beautiful year-round. Your landscaping tells your customers a story at every visit. A well-kept landscape is impressive and shows that you care about your company and the experience your customers have when engaging with your business. Make sure your mission and image stay consistent by making landscaping part of your facilities management plan.

Sustainable landscaping conserves costs and resources

Investing in sustainable landscaping can have a positive impact on both your environment and your landscaping costs over time. In addition, new water regulations may prompt you to re-think your current landscape design and opt for a more cost- and environmentally-friendly landscaping solution. Sustainable landscaping seeks to reduce costs over time through less water usage or by reducing maintenance service frequencies.

However, you’ll still need an experienced landscaping team who knows how to employ sustainable practices to make sure your landscaping stays sustainable and beautiful throughout the seasons. Get in touch with a trusted provider like Lessen to make the most of your landscaping budget and implement strategies that enhance brand value and customer trust.

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