It’s our vision to make every property better. And building powerful relationships with diverse new customers depends on how we bring that vision to life. For us, it’s a vision founded on our belief in the power of spaces—that customer experiences are central to the success of your business. As a technology company, our product teams are a big part of how we realize our vision.

Our chief product officer Kevin McDunn recently sat down with Built In Chicago to discuss SMS Assist’s product innovation practice. When it comes to SMS Assist's product and technology teams, growth innovation, and collaboration are central to everything we accomplish.

Kevin’s discussion sheds light on how product teams manage projects and collaborate on work, how we apply specific methodologies to work more effectively, and how our company vision guides our approach to creating new technologies.

You’ll discover that:

  • Managing product development involves the successful interaction of often highly independent teams designed to scale
  • Agile development techniques help us create fast and frequent technology updates that deliver positive customer impact
  • Collaboration is vital to our company culture—we even host an annual Big Idea Fest which brings in product ideas from all around the company

Head over to Built In Chicago to read Kevin’s full discussion.

Are you a product manager, software engineer, or UX expert looking to grow your career in dynamic teams? SMS Assist is doubling the size of its product division this year. Take a look at our job board and see what it’s like to work at SMS Assist, a company Built In Chicago called one of the best places to work in 2022.

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