At SMS Assist, we’re always looking for the best talent to bring to our fast-paced, high energy, and rewarding work environment. Our core values of entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork, passion for service, and integrity guide our hiring process and help us find the right individuals to continue building one of America’s fastest-growing technology companies.

We’ve come to find that Veterans at SMS Assist are some of the strongest additions to our team and that their experiences and skills help them thrive within our company culture. Read on to learn more about working at SMS Assist as a Veteran, the kinds of positions Veterans should apply for, and some information about the Veterans we’ve hired in the past.

Working at SMS Assist as a Veteran

Cory Elich, Implementation Manager at SMS Assist, believes that the work culture at SMS Assist can feel somewhat familiar for Veterans due to our emphasis on small teams and working together to find solutions for time-sensitive situations. As he explains:

“Newly transitioned Veterans will find a very familiar culture here, while we may not be out in the field hauling a rucksack, we still work together in small teams to accomplish missions and deal with real life emergencies. The pace here is fast and the solution isn’t always clear, but as Veterans, we have been trained since the first day of basic to thrive in these situations.”

According to Cory, the position that most Veterans would excel in is the operations specialist role:

“Whether you were trained as an infantry grunt or a communications specialist, you will find a home here as an operations specialist. The job requires excellent communications skills, the ability to analyze a situation under pressure and execute an appropriate resolution. Veterans won’t be alone here, the strong community of SMS Assist Veterans will help mentor and train you throughout your time here and help you get accustomed to the unique culture and work that we have here.”

Last but not least, we asked Cory what he enjoyed most from working at SMS Assist.

“By far, my favorite part of working here is the diversity. I get to work with people from all walks of life and from some truly amazing backgrounds. Everyone’s unique perspective is valued here, within three months of starting here, even though I had never worked in a civilian job, I was able to make some major impacts.’”

Veteran Hiring at SMS Assist

At SMS Assist, we’re proud to have many job opportunities where Veterans can thrive. Vist our Why SMS Assist page to learn more about what it’s like working with us. Also, you can check out all of our available positions here.

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