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At a time when employee communications has never been more important, many practitioners rose to the occasion during the past year of crisis.

Communicators were tasked with helping teams transition to remote work overnight—all while providing constant updates and messages around COVID-19, coordinating responses to social upheaval, and helping maintain business continuity with an increasingly dispersed workforce. Communicators have reported working harder this year than at any other time in their careers.

Among the many heroic efforts of our communications colleagues from the past year, some stand above the rest. Ragan has recognized these organizations in its Employee Communications Awards Class of 2021.

SMS Assist

In 2019, the SMS Assist comms team was tasked with launching a new intranet to replace the underwhelming handful of photos and web pages built in 2015 on Sharepoint Classic. The goal was to create a hub where employees could find the latest company info, build community within the company, and update the intranet to report analytics to show the performance of internal content.

The SMS Assist team performed a full audit of the current intranet, completed research on current users and employee needs, and consulted experts on best practices to launch the new intranet. The new resource had a completely new navigation, with 42 site pages, a company calendar, a media gallery and other features.

The first day of the launch, the new intranet received 8,000 hits, a current record for the hub, and the team completed all its objectives with a budget of $0.

For its hard work, the SMS Assist team is recognized as Ragan’s Employee Communications Awards honoree for Intranet of the Year.

Congratulations to all the winners and the honorable mentions. Learn more about Ragan’s Employee Communications Awards Class of 2021.

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