From improving your customer experience to responding to unanticipated asset repairs, having a facilities management plan in place is crucial as you evolve your business. With SMS Assist, facilities management planning is simple, and our professional and extensive Affiliate network ensures that help is only a click away. Our facilities management platform goes even further by providing access to advanced analytics and real-time reporting to help companies make even larger business decisions. With our advanced technology platform, simplifying your business and optimizing your facilities management plan has never been so easy. Learn how SMS Assist can take your enterprise from reactive to proactive to strategic through our platform: One by SMS Assist.

While our proprietary technology and top-of-the-line Affiliates help companies react to unexpected facility maintenance emergencies, our goal is to help companies shift to a more strategic mindset. Our One by SMS Assist platform gives clients a deeper understanding of inefficiencies and waste throughout their entire facility portfolio, providing them the data they need to make better strategic business decisions. The incredible amount of data and support available lets companies better understand where their true problems lie within their organization. Through data transparency, SMS Assist helps clients identify properties with recurring issues or problem facilities before they impact your businesses’ bottom line. So, while you’ll be prepared for the next unexpected pipe burst, you’ll also be able to take a more strategic approach to your overall facilities maintenance.

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing a Thought Leadership Series to provide more information about the incredible value SMS Assist can provide for organizations. Our latest piece, Data Transparency, dives into the relationship between facilities maintenance and corporate strategy, and the role data plays in making large business decisions. As you’ll see in this piece, a transparent facilities management program that utilizes real-time, accurate data can help you optimize your facilities operations and processes, so you can shift from reactive to proactive. Don’t lose customers to dirty facilities or face a costly repair that could have been avoided. Become more strategic with SMS Assist, and see how we’re transforming the way companies are handling facilities maintenance by reading Data Transparency today.

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