One of the more recent advances in commercial and industrial cleaning is electrostatic disinfection. You may have heard of this method—which negatively charges particles of solution to more effectively and efficiently disinfect—but have you taken the time to truly understand the science behind how it works and what makes it better?

Read on for his answers to some of the frequently asked questions about electrostatic disinfection.

How are the particles charged?

The spray applicator is equipped with an electrode in the nozzle. When the disinfecting solution passes through the nozzle, the electrode gives a negative charge to the particles.

How electrostatic disinfection works

Why are the particles charged?

Most surfaces have a neutral charge, which means the negative-charged particles will be attracted to the surface. And because all the particles have the same charge, they will repel each other.

This allows the solution to evenly distribute itself across the surface—even wrapping around and getting the hardest to reach places.

What makes it more effective than other disinfection methods?

The most standard method of disinfecting is spray and wipe, using a rag of some sort to wipe down the surface after the solution has been applied. While it may be standard, there are multiple downsides to this method.

Using a rag to wipe down surfaces can transfer bacteria from one surface to another.

Additionally, what many people don’t realize is that disinfecting solutions have a period that they are supposed to stay on the surface before they are wiped away (i.e., dwell or contact times)—and it varies for different solutions. If you don’t wait long enough, the solution isn’t actually disinfecting anything.

With electrostatic disinfection, all you have to do is spray, so there’s no worry about wiping it away too quickly or transferring bacteria. Plus, the wrap around effect ensures that every area of the surface will be covered.

How does the cost compare to other disinfection methods?

Electrostatic disinfecting is less expensive than traditional methods for two reasons: it’s faster and done with less waste.

Because you just have to spray the solution, the time it takes to disinfect a facility is up to 50 percent faster. This equates to fewer hours of labor and lower costs. And your location can be reopened within 10 minutes, so there is less downtime after cleanings.

You’ll also waste less solution—and money—as the more controlled application minimizes chemical run-off.

As COVID-19 spread across the globe, many individuals began to think differently about the cleanliness of the places they visit each day.

66% of consumers ranked frequent cleaning and sanitizing as the top measure that would make them more likely or more comfortable with visiting physical spaces.

International Council of Shopping Centers

Now is the time to choose the best solution to combat the spread of the virus and give peace of mind to your customers.

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