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The backstory: Two incumbent providers managed thousands of the bank’s locations across the United States. The bank was uncertain about changing the status quo, but was confident it needed a better solution. Unqualified service providers and a consistent lack of expert support influenced the bank to transition away from their facilities providers. But they didn’t have a frictionless way to do so. We developed a clear project plan for a smooth program rollout. Transparency, mutual alignment, and consistent communication made for an easy and effective transition.

Background and pain points

We consulted with the bank to identify their various pain points and sources of risk. Unqualified maintenance providers, a lack of expert support, and legacy technology systems led to patterns of uncontrolled spending and poor performance. We helped them achieve a smooth transition away from their incumbent providers and into a new facilities program.

Facilities program rollout

Steps we took to ensure a smooth and effective facilities program rollout with the bank:

Weekly project rollout meetings
We met with the bank on a weekly basis to define key program initiatives for the week, and map the long-term program rollout process. Tasks for individual program stakeholders on either side were identified, and formal timelines were continually refined.

A tailor-made project plan
We tracked facilities program rollout details with internal processes and project management tools. Key rollout activities included a process review, confirmation of provider availability, technology setup, communications plans, and scheduled training.

Status update calls every week
We held status update calls with the bank at the beginning and end of every week to discuss the current status of the facilities program rollout and ensure mutual alignment on dates for program deliverables.

Location data capture and needs review
We sent operations experts to the bank’s locations to get a deeper look. Lessen partners collected essential asset data, reviewed work order data to identify special needs, offered a fresh look at existing facilities workflows, and discussed strategies for ongoing capital planning.

Continuous training for platform rollout
We conducted online and in-person platform training modules for existing service providers, relevant organization stakeholders, and bank associates working at serviced locations.

Key takeaways

  • Lessen’s program implementation delivered peace of mind, and a way for all stakeholders to contribute to a fast and frictionless rollout.
  • Continuous support, frequent status updates, and interactive training modules facilitated change management and eliminated surprises.
  • Operational transparency and continuous data capture were essential to smooth operations once the program got up and running.
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