Robert Martin,  Lessen's Vp of Hard Services, talks about the operational challenges facing the commercial HVAC industry and what to do about it.

Managing the impact of labor shortages on HVAC

There is a shortage of technicians that are qualified to work on HVAC equipment. This is creating challenges in maintaining and repair old assets. Watch to learn more about this problem and what can be done to mitigate it at your locations.

Looking at what is reducing HVAC asset lifespans

HVAC units are being pushed to failure much earlier than expected, and companies are spending more on end-of-life maintenance to keep them functioning. Companies that don't respond to these maintenance needs will purchase new equipment much earlier than expected, negatively impacting their capital improvement plans.

Developing budgets for preventative maintenance

Budgeting issues that emphasize reactive over preventative maintenance are leading to a reduction in asset lifespans. The right budget mix of reactive and preventative maintenance not only helps to meet useable life expectations but it also provides cost stability and predictability over time.

Tackling operational challenges

The past few years have been rough on the HVAC industry: labor shortages, long lead times on equipment, and tight budgets have led to premature aging of assets, deferred maintenance, and an overreliance on reactive maintenance. Robert addresses these issues and what can be done to mitigate them in the months and years ahead.  

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