In our ongoing Affiliate Spotlight Series, we’ll share real-life stories about how a partnership with SMS Assist has helped our Affiliates go above and beyond for clients. Our operations team and technology platform give our Affiliates the resources they need to increase efficiencies across the board through improved market density, back-office savings, quality control, working capital and more. We’re changing the way companies handle facilities maintenance, while also helping our Affiliates grow their businesses. Read on to see how we’re revolutionizing multisite property management through the eyes of our Affiliates.

We’ll begin our series by highlighting SMS Affiliate Alfredo Figueroa of Air Guys Heating & A/C. On a cold December day, Alfredo and his team responded to an emergency call after business hours from a retail client located in Gurnee, Illinois. A bad blower motor had broken the heating system, and the technicians found frozen pipes upon their arrival. Time was of the essence, as the problem needed to be fixed as soon as possible to get the heat back up and running to prevent further damage to the pipes.

One of Alfredo’s technicians responded quickly, making a 50 mile trip in snowy conditions to secure the OEM motor needed for the repair. Using SMS Assist’s technology platform, he was able to submit the repair estimate from the store, receive approval on the spot, and quickly bring back the part that was needed. Alfredo said,

“We were able to solve the problem because of the great advanced technology that SMS has in place…. due to the immediate turnaround, we were able to prevent any further damage to the water line pipes.”

Without SMS Assist, this situation could have played out very differently. Our easy-to-use technology platform allows Affiliates to communicate to clients and SMS Assist in real time, and makes sharing on-site photos, billing and invoicing fast, simple and reliable. These efficiencies result in time and cost savings, and enable our Affiliates go above and beyond for every work order.

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Our technology empowers our Affiliates to do exceptional work for clients. In this example, SMS Assist’s technology allowed Alfredo and his team to quickly get the approval they needed, and they were able to fix the issue and prevent any further costly repairs. Learn more about our unmatched Affiliate network and the benefits of becoming an SMS Affiliate by visiting our Affiliate Advantage page.

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