Do you find yourself wondering how you should be prioritizing maintenance services in the face of coronavirus (COVID-19)? Take comfort in knowing that even in this time of uncertainty, there’s actually so much you can do to help. These interior and exterior services can impact much more than your brand perception—implementing them can help protect the health and safety of your customers and employees.

Janitorial services

Frequently cleaning and sanitizing your sites is the best way to keep everyone healthy and give your customers peace of mind when they visit.

Floor care

Many essential businesses are seeing more foot traffic than ever. Implementing regular floor care services can help keep your locations sanitary.


Control the presence of garbage and debris that could attract rodents and leave a negative impression on potential customers.

Pressure washing

This highly effective method of sanitation goes a long way in keeping your locations clean.


Plants will always grow. Avoid more extensive and costly clean-up in the future by maintaining your landscaping now. Plus, we consider this a low-risk service as it doesn’t require face-to-face interaction.

Now, more than ever, maintaining your properties is essential—and SMS Assist is here to help.

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