The best companies stay ahead of the curve by predicting and preparing for the worst. The winter is inevitable, so a pragmatic and effective snow removal plan during the season should also be on ice. Before it’s too late, ask yourself the following questions:

1. How Much Money Did I Spend Last Winter?

Most companies lose sight of a planned budget during snow season because they are willing to pay anything to reduce maintenance hassles at their facilities. A decline in proper upkeep during the snow season can lead to a loss in profit, and a crumbling reputation is not far after.

When additional and unnecessary services are completed and added to your predetermined scope of work, the entire budget goes out the window. You can save anywhere between 5 and 10 percent by only warranting services in the scope of work. For example, we saved one of our clients over $280,480 last year just by preventing services from occurring that weren’t necessary.

2. How Much Money Did I Save Last Year?

Many businesses focus on how much money they spend in a snow season rather than how much they can save. Anyone can calculate your expenses. However, a quality service partner can offer you customized quotes regarding your savings as well.

The snow season can be dangerously expensive if you aren’t working with someone focused on savings. For example, we saved one of our restaurant clients $1.8M on slip and fall claims during a six-year contract and provided estimated savings of $1.1M on legal overhead expenses through risk mitigation. Working with a facilities maintenance company that communicates details regarding your savings can maintain year-to-year reductions.

3. How Was Last Year’s Snow Budget Allocated?

Businesses make it a priority to have a snow service provider for their locations, yet most of these companies aren’t aware of how many work orders were completed when the snow season comes to an end. Understand where your money goes by staying up to date with how much you spend.

Ensure every penny your organization uses for snow and ice management services is going where it is supposed to. For the best results, work with a snow and ice management partner that can offer reliable data regarding your budget and service information for each of your locations like check-in and check-out times and pictures before and after the services are completed.

4. How Much Time Did My Team Spend on Snow and Ice Management?

During the snow season, store managers can get easily distracted with finding a contractor last minute to plow their parking lots instead of focusing on their P&L or overflowing lines of customers. Hire a quality snow and ice management provider that will allow your store manager to focus on running your facility instead of maintaining it.

High market density can be helpful if you have locations around the country. For example, our contractor network consists of over 500,000 technicians spread across the nation. An expansive team of contractors can reduce your maintenance costs and meet your facilities’ needs even during rough winter storms. Finding a company that provides snow services to neighboring businesses can also be helpful.

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