For companies with distributed commercial portfolios, finding efficient and cost-effective solutions is essential to successfully managing those properties. One approach gaining popularity is the combination of snow and landscaping services into a comprehensive exterior services contract. By bundling these two crucial elements of property maintenance, businesses can leverage the same set of providers to drive additional efficiencies.

This article explores three key advantages of merging snow and landscaping services into a single contract, highlighting how this strategic decision can enhance convenience, streamline operations, and maximize value for property owners. Understanding these benefits can help to make an informed choice when it comes to managing the upkeep of your outdoor spaces.

1. Cost savings with one contract

Bundling landscaping and snow removal services together into one comprehensive package with a service providers can often lead to discounted rates when compared to having separate contracts. The service provider may be willing to offer more competitive pricing due to the increased volume and long-term commitment associated with a combined contract. Instead of managing separate agreements, invoices, and payments for snow removal and landscaping, a single contract simplifies the process and minimizes administrative overhead.

Additionally, a combined contract allows for more efficient resource allocation. Service providers can optimize their equipment, personnel, and scheduling, ensuring that resources are utilized effectively throughout the year. For instance, during the snow-free months, equipment and staff can be allocated to landscaping tasks, maximizing their utilization, and avoiding idle periods.

By consolidating snow removal and landscaping services, property owners can leverage economies of scale and enjoy cost savings through negotiated rates, streamlined administration, and optimized resource allocation. This financial advantage not only helps in reducing expenses but also provides long-term budget predictability, making it an attractive option for those seeking cost-effective property maintenance solutions.

2. Dedicated support and accountability

Working with a maintenance partner that offers both landscaping and snow and ice management services generally provides a single point of contact to streamline operations. That dedicated contact would be familiar with the intricacies of each site, leading to more efficient issue resolution. This reduces the potential for errors or duplicate efforts across contacts.

Having the same providers servicing locations also provides a greater level of dedicated support. They know the ins and outs of the landscaping—even if there is snow covering it all—so they can take special care not to cause any damage when snowplowing or de-icing. They’ll be the ones accountable for any landscaping fixes needed in the spring. Having a single provider who has a year-round relationship with a site can lead to more efficient service.

3. Smoother seasonal transitions

While we would all love to be able to predict exactly when winter will end, we know that snow can fall even in April. A typical SIM contract goes from October to March, with landscaping starting in April. But what happens when it snows after your SIM contract has ended? Do you reach out to your SIM provider to see if they can service your location outside of the original contract? Or do ask your landscaping provider if they also do snow plowing?

Winter weather can be unpredictable. However, typical snow and ice management contracts run from October to March with landscaping starting in April. Unfortunately, these types of contracts don’t account for late spring snowstorms or late winter months that are warmer than normal. These out-of-contract services can cost more than what is in contract, and even finding a provider to take on the work might be more challenging than expected. These transitional situations—which aren’t all that uncommon—would be easier to navigate with one comprehensive exteriors contract.

It’s time to stop thinking about landscaping and snow and ice management as separate strategies. When you partner with SMS Assist, you can get a unified solution that delivers better costs, improved quality, and around-the-clock support. Learn more about our landscaping services or request a demo today.

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