55+ trades, including

Appliance Repair
Floor Care
General Contractors
General Maintenance / Handyman
HVAC / Refrigeration
Pest Control
Parking Lot
Renovation Services
Roofing Services
Snow Removal

Get the right provider, the right skills, at the right time

Multiple areas of coverage

Our Lessen Affiliate network is tiered to create layers of coverage. Paired with an intelligent dispatch and work distribution process, this results in having the right provider, with the right skills, and faster response times.

What we can do:

  • Automate maintenance requests 24/7/365
  • Increase automated vendor dispatch
  • Gain complete visibility with performance analytics across your portfolio


What services can I access through a centralized vendor network?

A centralized network offers a diverse array of services, including maintenance, repairs, and specialized tasks, facilitated by vetted vendors.

How is the quality of services maintained within a centralized network?

Centralized networks enforce stringent quality standards and consistently monitor vendor performance across all services.

How does a centralized system improve response time?

Established protocols within a centralized system lead to quicker access to services and faster responses to issues, facilitating rapid vendor deployment.

Can I expect consistent reporting with a centralized vendor network?

Unified reporting and analytics systems enable comprehensive tracking, analysis, and data-driven decision-making, ensuring consistent and transparent reporting.

Does a centralized vendor network mitigate risks?

Absolutely. Centralized networks enhance risk management, ensure compliance adherence, and often offer disaster recovery plans due to standardized processes.

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