Maintain branch uptime and protect your brand.

Ensure uptime for crucial bank assets

Lessen supports the intelligent maintenance of essential bank assets that help you perform day-to-day functions. Our solutions extend to standalone ATMs, so your customers can perform important transactions even when your branch is closed for the day.

Get qualified providers and lasting fixes

Lessen sends the most specialized provider to address customer needs in the shortest possible time frame, which means improved service levels and long-term savings. Have peace of mind knowing that the first fix is the right one, so you can return to serving the next customer with confidence.

Maintain brand experience across branches

Consistent brand experience is crucial to earning customer trust, and it begins with great facilities. When customers know what they can expect from each of your locations, they’re more likely to dedicate more business to you and to refer your business to others.

Gain visibility into your entire portfolio

See deeply into work order details, even in real time. View before and after photos for every work order, review notes from providers and bank stakeholders, and leverage intelligent analytics to achieve a clear picture of where resources are being allocated so you can expand your business.

A track record of success

We saved one of the largest banks 8% of its annual spend

Technology and expert service reduced costs and improved performance.

We helped transform a major bank’s response to COVID-19

Immediate changes to the bank’s cleaning strategy made the difference.

Let’s work together to take a strategic approach to your banking facilities maintenance program.

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