On-demand property services that scale.

As a property portfolio owner, when you need service work done, there’s no time to wait. Get access to Lessen-approved service providers on-demand, whenever and wherever you need them.

Predictable pricing and tech-enabled end-to-end project management that scales to any size renovation.
Faster turn times means more availability for renters and less payment gaps for property owners.
Maintenance & repairs
Quicker fixes through access to our network of licensed service pros ready to complete the job.
Property cleaning & laundry
Our customized approach for each client provides a fast and high-quality cleaning service that meets standards.

Insights and cost savings across property portfolios.

  • Project status and change order management
  • Automated project creation through integrations with property management systems
  • Asset performance insights
  • Consolidated billing
  • Service history by location

Lessen takes the complexity out of managing property services.

Our platform allows property owners to completely outsource the concerns around managing, scheduling, validating, and paying service providers.

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Through our partnership with Lessen, we alleviate much of our back-office service management work and save substantial time, money and effort compared to our old approaches.
– Lessen Client
CEO, Property Management Company